The future

Advancea's Surgi-Viz™ lap sponges are safer, more absorbant, wick faster, and are more affordable than gauze.  Did we mention environmentally friendly?

Advancea™ surgical & woundcare products are made with a revolutionary high performance, spunlace nonwoven fabric.   Advancea™ is comprised of rayon fiber using proprietary manufacturing processes developed and patented by Strata Medical.

Safety advantages

Surgi-Viz's unique colored handles on each sponge increase the accuracy of counting.  The Surgi-Viz™ sponge handle is engineered to be obvious for easy retrieval after surgery.  The larger Surgi-Viz™ sponge reduces the odds of a sponge being overlooked when in the patient.  Advancea's patented fabric absorbs more blood than gauze sponges.  Because  fewer are required, there is less of a chance of a sponge being 'retained' in the patient.

faster wicking speed


     Superior properties: Faster wicking speed and higher absorbency.

lint from gauze

no lint 


 Less likely to cause infection: No lint and loose threads from edges.

surgiviz 5's


Surgi-Viz™ safety system is less costly than systems which require chips/bar code and monitors.

Environmentally friendly

Advancea™ products have exceeded expectations by drastically reducing the amount of energy required, and resources used to produce finished product.  However it doesn’t end there; from the production of raw materials, to manufacture of the packaged product, Advancea™ reduces the amount of energy needed, materials consumed & waste produced by at least 50% of any comparable gauze product.