Strata Medical products encompass a wide range of single-use devices for medical and surgical applications.  We work with medical device corporations and provide medical products to distributors who use our products as finished goods or as components in their procedural trays.

Advancea™: 2018 Catalog

Surgi-Viz™ Lap Sponges: Sterile packs of Advancea™ lap sponges with Surgi-Viz™ color handles designed to improve patient safety.  The Surgi-Viz™ system minimizes the risk of losing sponges in the patient.

Advancea™ Lap Sponges: Superior wicking speed,  higher absorbency and greater fluid retention than gauze lap sponges.  More info:

Advancea™ O.R. Towels: Superior Wicking speed, higher absorbency and better sterility barrier protection than cotton woven O.R. Towels. (Available in Blue or White)

Advancea™ X-ray Detectable Sponges: Superior wicking speed and higher absorbency than gauze sponges as well as being lint free.  More info:

AntimicroPad™ Brochure:

Disposable antimicrobial underpad that improves patient safety while lowering hospital & care costs.