The future

Advancea™ x-ray detectable sponges are safer, more absorbant, wick faster, and are more affordable than gauze. Read more about Advancea™ as a green option here.

Advancea™ surgical & woundcare products are made with a revolutionary high performance, spunlace nonwoven fabric.   Advancea™ is comprised of rayon fiber using proprietary manufacturing processes developed and patented by Strata Medical.

wicking study

Wicking study between Advancea™ & Gauze X-ray detectable sponges.

Photos: Advancea™  4” x 4“, 6 ply (Left) and Gauze, 4” x 4“, 8 ply (Right)



Photo 1


Photo 2

PHOTO 1 & 2:  Sponges are placed in two identical cups with an equal volume of simulated blood.


Photo 3

      PHOTO 3:  Advancea™ sponge absorbs faster and more “blood” than gauze sponge which has a significant amount of left over simulated “blood” in the cup.

safety advantages

 vs. gauze X-ray Detectable Sponges

Why does Advancea™ reduce the risk of embolism and surgical site infection in patients?

Because the sponges are free of lint and loose particles from open edges which are common to all gauze sponges.  

There are no frayed edges in Advancea™ fabric.  


Xray 2.1

Photo 1

Advancea v. Gauze edges

Photo 2

Advancea xray detectable gauze.

Photo 3

Environmentally friendly

Advancea™ products have exceeded expectations by drastically reducing the amount of energy required, and resources used to produce finished product.  However it doesn’t end there; from he production of raw materials, to manufacture of the packaged product, Advancea™ reduces the amount of energy needed, materials consumed & waste produced by at least 50% of any comparable gauze product.