Advancea™ surgical & woundcare products are made with a revolutionary high performance, spunlace nonwoven fabric.   Advancea™ is comprised of rayon fiber using proprietary manufacturing processes developed and patented by Strata Medical.

Unlike any other nonwoven sponges in the market, Advancea™ products have high structural strength under tension from both directions as well as a soft feel.  In addition, Advancea™ out performs gauze with its capacity to hold more fluid and faster wicking speed.


A driving force behind the invention and design of the Advancea™ line, was Strata Medical’s continuing commitment to decrease the ecological footprint of disposable medical products—in particular to improve the eco-friendliness of surgical and wound care disposables.

Advancea™ products have exceeded expectations by drastically reducing the amount of energy required, and resources used to produce finished product.  However it doesn’t end there; from the production of raw materials, to manufacture of the packaged product, Advancea™ reduces the amount of energy needed, materials consumed & waste produced by at least 50% of any comparable gauze product.


  1. Less energy required to manufacture: Strata Medical developed a spun lace nonwoven process which is far more energy efficient than that used to produce cotton gauze.
  2.  No use of chemicals: Cotton gauze factories must degrease and bleach gauze rolls with massive amounts of toxic chemicals.  Additionally, many gauze products, such as OR towels use a colored dye to mask material defects and imperfections found in the natural cotton fibers.  There are NO chemicals and NO dyes used in the manufacture of Advancea™ spunlace nonwoven rolls.
  3. A more effective product, means less material is used: The water absorption rate for Advancea™ fabric (> 8x of weight) is more than double than cotton gauze fabric (< 4x of weight).  Gauze sponges & towels are primarily used for absorption, which means that Advancea™ uses 50% less fabric to do the same job as gauze.
  4. 50% Reduction in other Functions:Since the product material usage can be reduced by 50%, it will also lead to similar usage reduction in the below resources and waste when compared to gauze products:
    • Packaging materials
    • Energy used for sterilization.
    • Energy used for handling and storage
    • Energy used Transportation
    • Solid waste generated from sponges, towels, etc.
  5. No PVC Material: The X-ray elements used in the Advancea™ lap sponge, OR towel and X-ray sponges are made with a patented TPE rubber (Thermoplastic Elastomer) which does not emit harmful substances when incinerated.  In contrast, all the gauze sponges use PVC X-ray detectable element which emits poisonous chlorine gas to the environment when incinerated.
  6. Surgi-Viz™: A low cost, eco-friendly, safety system: Advancea™ lap sponge has another benefit–Surgi-Viz™–a patented system which assists in accounting for used laparotomy sponges.
    • Surgi-Viz™ enhances the visibility of the blood-soaked sponges after the surgery allowing lap sponges to be retrieved safely.
    • No expensive add-on devices to compromise eco-friendliness.  The current gauze lap sponge safety systems in the market—namely surgi-count and RF Detect lap sponge safety systems—require an add-on plastic bar-code label or a plastic RF chip to be embedded in the lap sponges.  These add-on plastic labels and RF chips are difficult to implement and counter productive to environmental initiatives favored by most healthcare facilities, not to mention far costlier than Surgi-Viz™.

GO GREEN. GO Advancea™

The obvious conclusion is that Advancea™ has many environmental advantages over the existing cotton gauze surgical and wound care products.  Based on Advancea’s much higher absorption capacity, use of its products could result in 50% less material usage, energy consumption, packaging material and solid waste than gauze disposables.  In addition, the faster wicking speed and safety Advancea™ products are far superior than the gauze products and other non-woven products available today.