Advancea™ Nonwoven Surgical Sponges

Safer, Superior Absorbency, More Eco-Friendly & Less Costly than Gauze
    Sterile and Non-sterile Products

Lap Sponges, X-ray Detectable Sponges, Plain Sponges, OR Towels and Bandage Rolls


What is Advancea™?  Advancea™ products are made of high performance Rayon based spunlace nonwoven fabric with a high structural strength and soft feel.   Advancea™ is produced using proprietary and patented technology developed by Strata Medical, Inc.

More effective for surgical site &
wound treatment than gauze

  • Twice the absorbency & faster wicking speed than gauze.
  • More comfortable: Similar high structural strength but with softer feel than gauze.
  • Does not stick to wounds.


  • No lint or loose particles which can cause infection to surgical sites & wounds.
  • Patented color handle safety system ensures lap sponges are removed after surgery.

More eco-friendly

  • X-ray detectable element made with TPE -- no chlorine emission when incinerated.
  • More energy efficient & no chemicals used in manufacturing process.
  • Generates less waste & requires less energy for sterilization, transport, storage & disposal.

More cost effective

  • Significant cost advantage over comparable gauze sponge products.

Available Certificates & Reports for Advancea™ Sponge Products:

Factory ISO & EC Certificates Product Spec. & MSDS Biocompatibility Studies


Skin Irritation & Sensitization

Clinical Evaluation, etc.