Founded in 1998

Strata Medical was founded in 1998 with headquarters in San Diego, California, USA.   The company founders came from top managerial positions from several multinational medical device corporations.  All key managers have extensive expertise in the invention, development,  manufacturing and distribution of a wide variety of high quality disposable medical devices.


Strata Medical products are used for medical applications such as surgical, wound care, urology, respiratory, anesthesia and personal protection.  They are made by highly automated and ISO certified manufacturing plants in China, India, Thailand, Malaysia and other Asian countries.  Many hospitals and healthcare facilities all over the world and numerous multinational medical device corporations are using our products.


Our mission is to become a global market leader in the invention, manufacture and distribution of innovative disposable surgical and medical products with the best combination of product safety, high performance, eco-friendliness and cost effectiveness.

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Every day all around the world, tens of millions of patients have to visit hospitals for various reasons; routine checkup, urgent care, simple procedure or complex surgical operations.  To assure the different needs of the patients can be met, hospitals have to rely on a wide variety of safe, clean, effective, sterile and nonsterile disposable surgical and medical products for every single day.   The global annual sales of disposable surgical and medical products are estimated to be over USD$100 billion.

At Strata Medical, our aim is to invent and sell innovative surgical and wound care disposable products to the global market.  Our passion is to maximize the value of our innovative surgical/wound care products by improving their safety, performance and cost effectiveness.  At the present time, most traditional surgical/wound care disposable products are made using cotton gauze fabric.  However, complaints about traditional gauze products, include lint, loose fibers, low absorption performance and other safety issues.   In addition, the manufacturing of gauze products is quite laborious and difficult to automate.  With the labor cost in China and other manufacturing countries increasing continuously, the pricing for the cotton gauze disposable products has been rising continuously in the last 10 years.  There are also other disposable surgical products made with other materials with similar faults: i.e., there are no significant improvements in competitor product performance despite the continuous increase in their pricing.

Unlike other surgical and medical product companies in China and USA, Strata Medical's management team has knowledge, expertise and experience covering all aspects of a wide variety of disposable surgical and medical products business including; innovation and patenting of new products, manufacturing in China and many other countries, marketing and sales to global customers, cooperating with foreign hospitals and educating nurses/doctors on the use of new products.  We can see that there are many opportunities for significant improvement of traditional disposable products.    Traditional products that Strata Medical has targeted to upgrade with our technologies include:

Traditional disposable surgical and wound care dressings: (> 1,000 product codes)

  • Surgical sponges and O.R. towels
  • X-ray detectable sponges and plain sponges
  • Traditional wound care dressings
  • ABD pads, bandage rolls, burnt dressings, fluff rolls, etc.

Products for covering patients and hospital equipment surfaces: (> 100 product codes)

  • Surgical drapes
  • O.R. towels
  • Underpads, probe and sensor covers

Other Surgical Disposable Products:(> 100 products)

  • Surgical and examination gloves
  • Surgical gowns
  • Surgical Instruments


Our core products are innovative, high performance disposables manufactured with our patented technologies. These products were developed to lower the chance of surgical site infection, improve patient’s safety, reduce hospital acquired infection rate and lead to significant cost savings for hospitals. In the last three years, Strata Medical has filed over 10 patents and multiple trademarks protecting significant inventions.   Our new technologies and products outlined below will revolutionize the disposable surgical and medical industry:

Advancea™ is the trademark for our patented high performance Rayon nonwoven material that has a high structural strength and a soft feel, fast wicking speed, super absorbency and lint-free characteristic.  Unlike the traditional nonwoven sponges with low structural strength, Advancea™ material can be used for a wide variety of disposable surgical and medical products, such as surgical towels and lap sponges, X-ray detectable sponges, plain sponges and many types of wound care products.  Currently, there are about 1,000 different of surgical sponges and wound care product codes made of traditional cotton gauze technology for various applications by hospitals worldwide.

However, it is well-known that gauze has many quality issues and other problems including lint and loose particles from the open edges of gauze and low absorbency.  High production costs continue to rise due to the difficulty in automating the manufacturing process to meet the high standard required for surgical sponges.

In contrast, Advancea™ nonwoven technology has many built-in advantages compared to gauze.  Advantages include; production is easier to automate, more energy efficient and eco-friendly process and product, as well as the many superior absorption and safety properties.   Our plan is to convert all 1,000 gauze product codes into Advancea™ nonwoven based products within the next 3 years.   With its superior properties and lower cost, Advancea™ nonwoven products will replace traditional cotton gauze disposable products in hospitals around the world.

Surgi-Viz™ Lap Sponges are one of our recently patented and trademarked inventions.  The retrieval handle is made of a low-absorption material which allows it to retain visabliity during and after surgery.  The Surgi-Viz™ handle attaches to an Advancea™ high performance nonwoven lap sponge.

The retrieval handles on each lap sponge in a sterile pack (of 5’s) are different colors.   Because blood does not saturate the colored handles, they are visible before and after surgery.  More importantly, the different color coded handles serve as a visual aide allowing for a method of counting which is more systemic, accurate and reliable before and after surgery.    The use of Surgi-Viz™ minimizes the probability of a sponge left inside the patient after surgery--which is a common safety concern for gauze lap sponges around the world.

Other safety lap sponge systems currently used in the US (Surgi-Count bar code computerized system and RF Detect with imbedded radio frequency chips and a scanner), require devices to be added on to the sponge and external scanners which are very costly.  Because Surgi-Viz™ doesnt require add-on devices, our customers do not incur additional costs on top of the lap sponge itself.  All of the add-on devices used by Surgi-Count and RF Detect systems require excessive material and labor to manufacture the product.

In contrast, Surgi-Viz™ Lap Sponges made with Advancea™ nonwoven fabric are very energy efficient and no labor is wasted in production or devices and excess time required by the end user.  From the eco-friendliness standpoint, Surgi-Viz™ is more energy-efficient, pro-environment and sustainable than competitor safety improvement systems.

AntimicroPad™ is a patented antimicrobial technology used to produce an affordable and highly effective antimicrobial surface layer on plastic and nonwoven materials. AntimicroPad™ is used to create an antimicrobial surface for a wide variety of disposable surgical/medical products, such as; surgical towels and drapes, incontinence underpads and many types of wound care dressings.

Currently, the AntimicroPad™ underpad is the world’s first and only antimicrobial disposable underpad.  In the hospitals, they are used for covering surfaces from beds, examination tables and chairs, wheelchairs to equipment.  With its antimicrobial properties and affordable pricing,  AntimicroPad™ has already been classified by many hospitals as a “revolutionary” product with obvious advantages over the regular, non-antimicrobial underpad currently used by hospitals all over the world.


To protect our intellectual property, Strata Medical maintains over 10 patents and multiple trademarks for proprietary products and technologies.   Most of the key equipment and automatic machines required to manufacture our patented products were designed and made in-house.


We have established a network of ISO certified and GMP controlled manufacturing plants to make the raw materials, finished products and special production machines required for Advancea™ nonwoven products and Surgi-Viz™ lap sponges. By necessity the manufacturing facilities are located in various Chinese provinces.

  1. Nonwoven roll factories
  2. Sterile packaging supplies
  3. Sponge accessories
  4. X-ray detectable materials
  5. Sponge sewing and folding
  6. Sterile product packaging
  7. Sterilization facilities
  8. Automatic production equipment
  9. Proprietary production equipment and process

To produce AntimicroPad™ products, we have established the following network of ISO certified and GMP controlled manufacturing plants in China and other countries:

  1. Antimicrobial chemicals
  2. Film with antimicrobial agent
  3. Underpad products
  4. Packaging materials
  5. Antimicrobial Testing


The marketing and sales campaign for Advancea™ sponge products was launched in November of 2017.   The Surgi-Viz™ lap sponge and  AntimicroPad™ campaigns were launched in June of 2018.   To showcase new products, we have participated in the following Surgical/Medical product trade shows:

  • Japan Medical – Osaka, Japan (Feb. 2017)
  • MEDICA – Dusseldorf, Germany (Nov. 2017)
  • MEDICAL FAIR Asia - Singapore (August, 2018)
  • Hospital Expo -  Arizona (Sept. 2018)
  • Hospital O.R. & Surgical Conference – Chicago (Oct. 2018)
  • MEDICA – Dusseldorf, Germany (Nov. 2018)
  • CMEF – Shanghai, China (2019)

As of September 2018, we have built a customer base of over 100 medical products distributors/hospital groups from 60 different countries.  These companies are working with us to become distributors for our branded products in their countries.  We have new customers purchasing and some still in the process of registering and qualifying our products in their countries.

We are qualified in the U.S. and have been invited by numerous hospital GPOs (Group Purchasing Organizations) to bid on surgical sponges and OR towels.  There are GPOs currently qualifying our inventions as “revolutionary” products to facilitate their purchase of our products for their hospitals.


If your company is interested in distributing our exciting new products and have not yet been in contact with us, please visit us in the upcoming MEDICA-Dusseldorf (November 12 to 15).   Our exhibition booth will be located in Hall 7 (A39).   Contact to schedule an appointment.    If you cannot join us in Dusseldorf, please email us with the following information:

  1. Your name and contact information.
  2. A brief description of your company.
  3. Your distribution plan of the products you are interested in.


We believe that the potential for Advancea™, Surgi-Viz™ and AntimicroPad™ is limitless.  Because of the many superior features, the eco-advantages and the low manufacturing cost, healthcare facilities all over the world have converted to our products.   In order to expand the scope and expedite GPO purchasing, we welcome outside investors in our campaign.  We plan to help healthcare facilities improve care at a reduced cost while reducing environmental impact.

Interested parties, should email:  Please provide the following information:

  1. Your name and contact information.
  2. A brief description of your company.
  3. The goal and expectation of your investment.