Advancea Nonwoven Lap Sponges

Featuring Surgi-Viz™ Technology
Superior Properties & Safer-to-Use than Gauze
Faster Wicking Speed & Higher Absorbency Capacity than Gauze

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Surgi-Viz™ Patented retrieval handle is easy to see and grip even after surgery.  Stitching stays visible even on blood-saturated sponges.   Once saturated, Advancea sponges do not curl up readily like gauze.  Surgery requires fewer higher absorbent Surgi-Viz™ sponges reducing the odds of counting error.

Part #                     Description
A-LS1212-5S        12 x 12 inch (30 x 30 cm)
A-LS1818-5S        18 x 18 inch (46 x 46 cm)
A-XLS1818-5S     18 x 18 inch (30% more absorbent)