Strata's Mission

Successful collaboration with our customers & suppliers worldwide in the development, manufacturing & marketing of innovative products which are necessary for the advancement of modern healthcare. 

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Founded in 1998

Strata Medical is headquartered in San Diego, CA USA with factories located in China, India, Malaysia, Pakistan and Thailand.  We develop and manufacture single-use medical and surgical products which sell primary in; USA, EU, UK, Japan and Malaysia.

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We take pride in the development and manufacture of innovative products necessary to further advance modern healthcare. Our products encompass a wide range of single-use devices for medical and surgical applications, as well as examination and surgical gloves for personal protection.  We work with medical device corporations and provide medical products distributors who use our products as finished goods or as components in their procedural trays.


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With our customers worldwide we continuously improve our manufacturing procedures and processes in our global network of factories and suppliers.


Our experienced staff with our high quality and cost effective products, through our vast supply network, create a global supply chain that uniquely benefits medical distributors, healthcare providers and, most importantly, patients and end-users around the world.