We can provide our innovative products to our customers under their labels or under our brand name.   Currently, many kit packers use our products as components in their medical kits.  Also, we are the OEM manufacturer for many products sold to our customers under their labels.


All our medical products have special properties and/or distinctive functional performance that are superior over our competition.  These characteristics of our products are derived from our proprietary and patented technology, special formulations/raw materials and unique manufacturing technology.


cost control

As we design the most advanced automated equipment, we can meet price points without sacrificing quality.  We design & validate raw materials & manufacturing processes/facilities to assure control of the quality and costs of manufacturing.


All our factories are ISO certified and in compliance with the U.S. FDA GMP guidelines.  We guarantee our products will meet and exceed all the respective industrial requirements, ISO, EN, ASTM and FDA standards.


Marketing Support

We have an expert design team to help our customers for creating world-class marketing supporting materials for our customers if required.


We have a world class packaging team that will help our customers design and validate the most cost effective packaging materials for your products.

Marketing Print


We can provide required documentation, certificates and test reports for all of our products.  Our experience will shorten the qualification time and in most cases, enable our customers to avoid conducting their own qualification of our products, saving time and costs.

Global Distribution

Our experienced staff with our high quality and cost effective products, through our vast supply network, create a global supply chain that uniquely benefits medical distributors, healthcare providers and, most importantly, patients and end-users around the world.